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The Ultimate Delivery Room Mix Tape

The world is a scary place. Terrorism. Global warming. Ballooning national debt. Bullying. Drugs. The Kardashians. Female drivers. And I’m just getting started! Yup. The world is a scary place. And we’re about to bring a little tiny human being into it! There’s a lot to worry about as a soon-to-be parent. I could certainly focus on any one of those things and drive myself crazy. But none of the

Richie’s Ground Rules

Judging by the number of times our dogs have pooped on the nursery floor in the last few weeks, I think they’ve figured out what’s going on. And also, Richie told me. For those who don’t know, Richie is our 1.5-year old cockapoo. We also have a 6-month old cockapoo named Ollie, but he hasn’t learned out how to talk yet. Plus he’s just not that smart. Sir Richard (Richie)

The Name is Revealed: Donald Trump Richardson

Just kidding. I just wanted to try some click bait. Apparently, the hardest part of a pregnancy is not the pain and discomfort. It’s not the exams. It’s not the labor and delivery. The hardest part of a pregnancy is picking a name for the baby! Actually, I wouldn’t really know. Katie will have to chime in on that. But picking a name has not been easy. That being said,

The Results are In! And Boy was it Close…

See what I did there? Hilarious. The polls are closed and the results are in. “Girl” won the popular vote by a very slim margin. Like ONE vote. But this time, the Electoral College (or “God”) was the deciding factor: It’s a boy! That’s what the piece of paper said, at least. Hopefully they’ve perfected blood testing by now! But the more I think about it, this kid never had

It’s Voting Season! And Your Vote Counts!

Here we are again. Another election year! There’s nothing I love more than a bunch of old, privileged white men arguing about who will do a better job of spending all the tax revenue from the middle class in between bites from their $1,000 per plate fundraising dinners. Except for maybe an ice pick lobotomy. That sounds fun! But you know what is fun? Voting. Voting is fun. Especially when you know