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Quit Faking It

Why we should quit “going through the motions.” Our actions speak louder than our words.

Tools for Growing your Website: Sumo

Sumo is hands-down the best collection of tools for growing a website. Email signup forms, pop-ups, landing pages, signup bars, social media share buttons, content upgrades, image sharing, email auto-responders, contact forms, direct messaging, Google Analytics — Sumo includes all of this under one account.

The tools are super-easy to set up and customize. And if you bought all these different services a la carte from different companies, you’d pay ten times the price.

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Do the Work

This book is a swift kick in the ass for any artist, creator, or aspiring entrepreneur. There’s only one antidote for The Resistance — that self-defeating voice inside our heads. It’s to quit thinking so much and just do the work.

Website Builder: WordPress

WordPress is the open-source software the powers over 27% of the websites on the entire internet. That means this is free.

It’s a content management system that makes it easy to update the content on websites. That’s why it’s the preferred software for bloggers and other media companies.

But its uses are limitless, and it’s really simple to learn the basics. With WordPress and a decent host, you can have a website live in less than 10 minutes.

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