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I'm a husband, dad, and digital mercenary. (I just made that up. It sounds cooler than "freelancer.") I'm also a writer who thinks we should live life on our own terms.

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How to Destroy Your Career

I just destroyed a 14-year career.

I had a resumé full of successful projects. I built a large network of peers who could validate me. And I put well over 30,000 hours of my life into my career — that’s 3.5 consecutive years worth of time.

Then I poured gasoline on it and lit it all on fire.

I guess that’s one way to put an end to the sunk cost fallacy.

The New Midlife Crisis: Quitting Your Job

I’m not buying a Corvette to cope with my midlife crisis.

Instead, I quit my job. Which is also one of the reasons why I’m not buying a Corvette.

Are Corvettes still the go-to choice for men going through a midlife crisis? They don’t even have a back seat. Where do you put the baby’s car seat? And does having a baby mean you’re in your “midlife?” Or does “midlife” mean my life is halfway over? At 37?!

Sorry. Let me back up.