Hi. I'm Brandon.

I'm a husband, dad, and digital mercenary. (I just made that up. It sounds cooler than "freelancer.") I'm also a writer who thinks we should live life on our own terms.

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Quit Faking It

Faking it works for the things we want. I feel like I’m faking it all the time when it comes to parenting and writing.

We can go through the motions when we’re working toward a goal. But when what we want is different from what we’re doing—when our actions don’t reflect our dreams and words—then we’re faking our way to unhappiness.

We should do something about that.

Choosing How to Work

Whether or not we work isn’t a choice most of us get to make.

But, WHAT we work on is.

For thousands or millions of years, humans had to work to survive. They had to hunt food, grow crops, build shelters, and make their own clothes. Their “job” was just to NOT DIE.

Things are different now. Our jobs are to make enough money to pay for those necessities. And we get to choose how we do that.